International Study Program

CLIENT: Deakin University Business School

PRODUCT: Deakin International Study Tour

WHAT WE DID: DOTF took a small crew on tour through Europe with the Deakin International Study Tour 2014. We captured every stage of the tour and got to know the students and staff, allowing for candid and intimate documentation of the entire three week journey, and allowing for authentic reactions and messaging from the students on the benefits and opportunities that come with studying at Deakin University.

This output of the project had many elements, including daily diary videos that were edited and uploaded whilst on tour with each touring student describing their experience, longer videos highlighting the unique opportunities to learn from European businesses and an hour-long television special, broadcast on Melbourne’s Channel 31.

At the time, Deakin was the number 1 ranked university online, and the engagement on social media was 20 – 60K engagements per post.

In 2016, Deakin University commissioned follow-up content, reviewing the progress of the students with whom we shared that journey. After touring Europe with these students, for the follow-up content we turned these now-alumni into tourists in their own city to showcase the iconic sights that Melbourne has to offer, captured in the same intimate, authentic manner as the first series.