Peter Rowland


Peter Rowland are one of Australia’s biggest and most renowned catering companies. 

They enlisted Department of the Future to create a brand film, recruitment video, and other short pieces of evergreen content. 


Peter Rowland are a high end, premium brand, but they still have a fun side. We tried to communicate this through our video work. 

The food was the hero of this campaign. We worked closely with Peter Rowland to decide which dishes would feature, and how they would be framed in order to make them appear as mouth watering as they are in real life. 

We worked with Peter Rowland to stage a party at their flagship Butler Lane venue, with a focus on creating an exciting, vibrant, classy and lively atmosphere to best reflect the brand. 


Peter Rowland received a 600% increase in website traffic, and a 300% increase in enquiries. Their Instagram engagement increased by 500%.